In 2004, the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary Schools granted accreditation to Cambridge School for Kindergarten through 8th grade — welcoming Cambridge as a member of The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


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Our Certificate affirms that Cambridge School:

  • Provides high-quality educational experiences for students
  • Meets its responsibilities to the profession of education
  • Complies with standards established by the Commission on Elementary Schools

In 2013, a team from the Middle States Association visited and re-accredited Cambridge School through 2021. Additionally, in 2014 and 2015, Cambridge received accreditation from the Middle States Association for additional grade levels, including grades 9 – 12, through 2021.

In 2021 the Middle States Association led an extensive re-accreditation of grades K-12 through a remote visit. At its conclusion the MSA Visiting team recommended full Accreditation without stipulations. One noted strength was stated by the MSA Chair, “the faculty not only provides an individualized learning plan for each student who has been diagnosed with a language-based learning difference..but they go above and beyond meeting their student’s needs.”

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